About coach bags

COACH is one of the US longest and most successful brands. COACH on behalf of the most acclaimed American fashion innovative style and

traditional practices.COACH durable quality and exquisite craft has a good reputation in the female consumer. In leather design known as

COACH, founded in 1941, it started just one in the attic of the home studio by 6 craftsmen hand-sewn stitch the leather to complete. 1962,

the brand founder Miles Caha inspiration from traditional American baseball glove, the original coarse solid baseball glove leather becomes

soft and full of shiny, durable leather tanning, the birth of the world’s first COACH bag.
Coach customers usually to describe Coach products with the “solid, practical.” Coach has been proud of high quality, trust is the core of

the brand.
Coach has been fashionable design, style is both elegant and noble, yet stylish sense of firmness and flexibility, by many stars of all

COACH since 2000 officially listed stocks, in 2004 it won second place in the market boutique market share in Japan, in hot pursuit after

the classic brand LOUIS VUITTON.
Since cheaper 3-4 percent of the price than other European brands, with exquisite texture and younger appeal, let COACH successfully

established a “readily available luxury boutique” image!