Some aspects to tell you how to distinguish coach bags–B

3. tag, dust bag and other accessories

  I can very clearly tell you whether Counter bag or COACH factory stores, will have a shopping small ticket, tag, there will be some dust bag for factory shop,

some do not, for the following reasons: If the bag Num without F prove originally produced later this bag belongs counter sales, but did not sell last season, into

the factory shop at a discount, so the original bag, there will be some accessories, which including the dust bag, and the bag Num band F prove it is to be self-

produced in the factory store sales, so no dust bag gift. If you notice bag Num band F, such as 19228, and baby accessories are described in dust bag, then you

think twice. Some buyers are always entangled in the small ticket, think there is a small ticket genuine, no small ticket would not, I hereby give you an insider

revealed, many bags are not genuine, but a small ticket indeed true. For the following reasons:In the United States,they told me that sometimes the United States

can see the door OUTLETS sell shopping small ticket scalper, tickets are really in their hands vote, but basically are Chinese, because they know that the United

States on behalf of the country is very hot, and many Chinese buyers the most attention is shopping small ticket, that there is a guarantee with a small ticket, you

can be warranty, free maintenance and so on. Sometimes we will receive some information from strangers, who will ask COACH, GUCCI, LV, etc. brand of store receipts.

Some buyers reaction similar situation with me. He said that work on the package to see that is not very delicate, feeling is false, but shopping small ticket

indeed seems to be true for me how to identify. You now understand that after some frustration, right? Indeed we are helpless. But I tell you now say is that we

should not too entangled in the ticket, this is not an effective way to identify the authenticity.

4.COACH factory store bags

   COACH factory shop is the same with the counter into the bag as online and offline sales, sales of the line is that we are aware OUTLETS (Outlets) COACH FACTORY.

Whether online or offline sales price is the same, but online sales below $ 150 per order , COACH official will be charged 8.5 dollars in the United States

shipping. While online sales are basically using a credit card purchase, each credit card can buy only 10 commodities, offline sales per person per day can only buy

five products. There is a very interesting phenomenon, some purchasing seller would have hired a lot of people and drove more than two hours to OUTLETS (because

OUTLETS basically in the surrounding major cities, away from residential areas have long distances, but also on the highway only You can start to). Hire these

people, go buy a pack, each bought five, came out after changing clothes make-up to avoid staff see it, then go buy a package, it is funny, huh, huh. You can

imagine how much it costs. These sellers are basically purchasing some large businesses, there is great demand for the purchase, so they naturally will high price,

if you see some buyers credit is high, favorable rate is also good, package price is relatively high, and that is basically fall into this category, you basically

can buy their bags, although more expensive, but at least you can guarantee is genuine. One reason the price of a stock, I believe we will understand. (Here,

however, please note that due to centralized purchasing bags are, so they basically are not attached store receipts, because many bags are playing in the same a

bill, they can not tear to every buyer , but then if you choose to provide shopping small ticket seller, that you think twice!).

5. Select sellers tips

COACH bags in the United States has not spread to a month you can buy hundreds of bags of the same style point, because COACH official who is also a lot to buy a

bag limit. I observe there are many sellers sell the same style every month dozens or even hundreds, which for me is to see people in the industry feel very funny.

There are some styles COACH official would have no new goods, and in the COACH factory stores can not buy, but there are many sellers and then sell this level is

considered a hardcore style, although this style look good, but I can guarantee 100 % are fake. The reason is simple: in the United States can not buy, the official

is not out of the goods into the where? If you want to ask, how to check whether your fancy bag has no new goods in the United States, you can go to the official

website of the United States COACH and COACH factory stores online sales inquiries, if these two online sales channels are not see this package you want to buy, the

quality of those bags seller I mentioned above that I was very suspicious.

Logistics problems of coach outlet

Logistics problems. If you ask the buyer what time to deliver, they will answer two-three weeks. Many also choose direct mail, not domestic transit, this approach actually quite tricky, but the time will last very long, long time by direct mail. A couple of months now. Direct mail packages you only transport a bag, the price can be imagined.

Sellers of Philadelphia to sell coach outlet, because only gift ticket, so I do not know the price, but compared to the domestic price is much cheaper, hand bags including domestic segments and international freight shipping There seller profits only 1,000 yuan, while domestic large mall full leather bags are 1800 or so,. So, once again an insight into the benefits of the network, you can buy cheap stuff. Now, co-workers began to join the ranks of Taobao among colleagues sitting opposite me needed renovation can buy online are online resolved this way, the full enjoyment of the fun of Taobao and maximum benefits.

Coach global purchased on security yet?

Want to know more about coach global buying?

Though I didn’t make the study, I feel there is a 50% global purchasing not in authentic. Agency buying has saved you a lot of money, do not stingy. Spend a little more money, I think it is worth it.

Of course, you can come to my coach online shop. Here not advertise. 50% of which there are many mixed up with genuine and fake. In the factory shop where fake majority. These stores are not easy to say. I do not know there is no other stores selling counterfeit, but I was in good conscience not to do that.

About 20 percent could be trusted. (Personal guess,  no scientific basis.) No way, these days everyone wants to earn more money, and sell fake look so good, who does not want it!

How to buy coach bags?

1, Why COACH cheaper in the US ?
On one hand, COACH is an American brand, sold in the local certainly cheaper, as ANTA, Li Ning, etc. If after popular, local price is certainly a lot cheaper than abroad! And on the other hand, COACH positioned in the United States only in the low-end, high-end luxury positioning in China, why, if the price is not high, I think people buy less, Chinese people are so slightly, do not buy the style , but price. Of course, I must say that some COACH bag design is good. Some also say that we are purchasing cheaper but also because there is no tariff.

2, how to choose a buyer.
Do not go in if there is no global purchase. There are a lot of new stores, people can not tell from the shop what is genuine and what is fake. I would consider if it is combined with the costs, profits, style and other factors.

How to choose global share: in the search page, there is an option to foreign goods, check what you can . But don’t forget to line out the coach brand.