Coach Outlet

Different of COACH logo
1, factory shop logo are relatively simple, basically COACH letters, some printed and some handwritten

2. Collection (boutique) shop logo looks more, some also letters, some carriage. But the logo is not exactly the same carriage Oh, although coach (official website, store, bag) carriage logo are rope whip forward, but I did find kind in which the whip rope forward and backward.
The so-called factory outlet stores, in fact, sits Outlets, the domestic general transliterated as “Outlet”, in English, means “the way out, outlet, the outlet” means, in the retail business through the sale of brand-name college means season , off the shelf, broken code goods store – a large shopping center in the United States has a hundred years of history, is currently the nation’s nearly 300 large Outlets, usually far from urban areas, but accessibility to low discount sales genuine merchandise. Shopping Outlets, in recent years, many Chinese tourists to the United States became an important part of travel, or even the main purpose.
Although this collection of dozens of brands of outlets, such as Reebok, Nautica, Tommy, Calvin Klein, etc., but Chinese tourists generally toward the Coach Factory away.

These cost between one hundred to two hundred US dollars, ranging from bags, so that Chinese tourists shouted cheaper. Coach in China,the price range at more than two thousand to four or five thousand yuan. In this case, the price of US factory outlet stores probably only about one third of Chinese price! No wonder our fellow came here one shining eyes, pick up the goods.
No Chinese store sales staff, but they will say simple Chinese, holding calculator, introduced from the price, discounts to clearly and logically, there is no language barrier. The waiter said that everyone purchase 10 package, the iconic Coach Logo Logo and no individual 5. If limited to purchase, then, if every Chinese person to buy to take home dozens, it would not impact the domestic stores business?

Coach factory stores

How to sell goods of COACH FACTORY STORES?
Its goods are on the shelves, chosen at random, like supermarkets,everyone selected for their goods, and sometimes you will find shelves, the floor has a price tag and Material Description ( maintenance) cards fall, but which is also we need. Also I would like to inform you that a lot of wallets are not material specifications (maintenance) cards, sometimes the price tag placed inside the bag of cells, not necessarily with the hanging. In addition to stress that I bought a bag COACH factory stores for several years, the metal part of the store all the bags are useless wrap (except counters), which I have seen, and are only, too, the sales staff will each package wrapped in paper with COACH LOGO to guests, I will tell them to help the small-ticket in your bag grid, they are willing to accept. If you buy online, some have metal paper protection.

It’s cheap goods has been established, but sometimes plus 20% 30% OFF, (30% OFF very small) but you do not necessarily know when there are special minus 20% OFF, sometimes it will have e-mail notification sometimes not, when you drive two hours to go to the shop to know not, you can only accept, that is, when potential buyers on more expensive than people, and when you call to ask, the clerk will tell you today, tomorrow? The clerk will say: Day By Day. Some other items often adjust prices, that is, increase. In particular, 30% OFF, it will put most of the price increase.

What kind of store for COACH FACTORY STORES?

COACH sales channels in the United States is different from China, China currently only counter, the United States there is a counter and factory stores two channels. COACH FACTORY STORES literal translation is COACH Factory (direct marketing) shop, is different from the counter stores

(boutiques), the store’s goods divided into two categories:
A class of models is designed for factory shop and design funds, which account for a large part. And these products with a Num F. Usually no URL for factory store, but recently there has been limited time available website, only for invited guests COACH online shopping.

The orders received at the plant site may be a bit small flaws,but there are big problems can be returned. So after receiving the package we will open and send you a check.
The other is counter COACH shop / official website of the goods style, these models are usually three months to convert the new (hot color color models excluded), or with a different color, three months or so there will be more goods Go COACH FACTORY STORES for special, (but a lot of the time, the domestic counter is hot it ~) These accounted for a small portion, sometimes not. No F in front of those counters paragraph number, but sometimes it plus F on small ticket issued to the factory after the discount shop. So some different numbers, but it is the same model.

why coach made in China

As a former Coach toil paid off people, I can answer this question. First, do not show any strange origin of China, Vietnam and so different. Coach before this year most of the plants are located in Guangdong, Fujian, and Zhejiang and other places. Dongguan, which has its two largest Canadian producers. From the recent start, because the mainland wages rising, Coach slowly transferred to Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. But don’t think that quality produced in China poor than produced in other Southeast Asian countries.

Coach Manufacturing in China has been very mature, Coach for craftsmanship, quality requirements in the luxury goods industry is relatively high. And its raw material is divided into three parts, leather, cloth, metal. Metal is what you see in the metal parts. Leather, mostly from Korea and Italy, a small part from Qingdao, China. Cloth, process more complex high quality from Korea, and the rest mostly from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. The basic metal are produced in Guangdong, in part by the South Korean production. Tell origin is not based primarily on the best way is to go to the store to identify the identification.

Coach can be devided into sub main and secondary lines, generally discounted products for the Vice-line, that is, we often see the bad street. Vice-line follows the main lines of the old multi-design or design changes with the material, with a relatively low cost to build large sales. Coach is now the largest consumer groups is China, the luxury goods industry can be considered cost-effective. Really want to chase fashion without subtlety are advised to see the official website of popular models, where Coach really good goods. Finally advise not to blindly follow the trend of luxury goods, the election of a classic, you can use a long time.

Some aspects to tell you how to distinguish coach bags–A

1. Consumption Tax

  As we all know, every US state of consumption tax, there will be differences, in general, the more big states, prosperous state, the higher the population density

of the state excise tax, so that the state is also the largest Chinese. The United States does have a tax-free state, but few of those Chinese state, which I

believe we all know the truth, (not the bustling place who are willing to go). Xiaoyuan relatives living in Los Angeles, California, the city that everyone is

familiar, very busy, you can buy almost any big names in the world, (excluding China cottage brand). So here is about 0.9 higher consumption tax. So when choose on

behalf of the seller may ask state-owned, to understand local state excise tax. This is very helpful for you to judge the authenticity of the bag.

2.COACH counter bags

   COACH bag on the counter to sell is now COACH counter official website synchronization. While the United States COACH counter the official website, you can also

see in the country, above all bag counter price. After you understand the consumption tax, we can calculate their own bags at actual sales prices. COACH counter

bags sometimes have discounts, usually in some large festivals, when the United States and the lowest discount we’ve learned is about 75-85 fold. Then a low

discount we really have not seen or heard of. So this time is critical, you can now basically counted the lowest possible purchase price in the United States, you

are not necessarily very accurate count, but has been pretty close. This time you when you select seller, you can exclude some even lower than your calculati.

   This move is the price move, then the style trick, if you saw the bags which couldn’t been found in the United States COACH official website, it means this bag

has out of the shelf in the United States COACH counters. There may be two cases, one this bag has been out of stock, COACH official has no new goods, and second,

this bag has been the quarter, down into the COACH factory store discount sales. This is critical when you see this bag in the Seller’s Store, and nearly a month of

high sales, then I think you can now consider him ruled out. If you see him high praise rate, it is to buy, then I can only tell you if you are not so concerned

about the authenticity of the bag, you can buy a high imitation, after all, genuine imitation bags and bags discrimination has become increasingly difficult. (I

have a friend in Beijing spent around RMB 1W high imitation of a Hermes bag, saying she did not tell the truth, I did not know she was high imitation of that

section, because she wanted that edition is the world’s limited, can not buy, only a high imitation, really good work, it is difficult to distinguish).

COACH bag just bought a week of PVC fabric dye to color!

Coach is a leading US luxury bags, because it had good quality and price of civilians and many consumers alike. Many people buy a Coach bag will go back after a period of time with a little dirty, but do not know how to clean, here I collected some relevant information, give us a reference.

Under normal circumstances, if the situation is not serious staining purses, you can try to do the cleaning with toothpaste. Select ordinary toothpaste, squeeze on the site stained with the usual brush gently scrub, purses will soon be able to get rid of the problem.

You can use a neutral foam cleaning agent (pure white foam kind). Wash bag in accordance with the usual method.

If there are purses how to clean stained problem, you can go directly to the store to buy dyed leather medicine, according to the requirements of the specification , then use a little shoe polish and the like, can help restore its original color purse.

Purses prevent staining, You should always pay attention, beyond the water, sunscreen, fire roasted, you can also take a formaldehyde (30% concentration) melts in 3 parts water, this aqueous brushing bags, dry then apply insect glue (a shellac, the alcohol 10 parts), so it is easy to reduce staining.

Coach brand identify

1.the logo design style is very simple: COACH leather design is very simple, usually only the appearance changes,the leather surface does not have much decorations . 2, timeless: just like jeans, COACH also very consistent with the spirit of America, the more time you use, the better to see, a good mix of convenience features. 3, items array: COACH’s product range has more than one hundred kinds, handbags, briefcases, belts, wallets, travel supplies and recent fall of 1996, but also try to launch menswear collection.

Throughout the core competitiveness within decade of coach development, we can see that it has three core competencies: price positioning, fashion design and marketing channel advantages. After these three advantages to effectively integrate, just let COACH this brand announcement “resurrection.” When the original price positioning to COACH positioning, CEO flange Kefu’s opinion can be described as “sharply”: “entry level luxury.” The initiative is the most lethal, COACH almost as half price with its competitors such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and others. This move played an immediate effect.

Coach dream

Once you talk about coach outlet,you may not firstly have a dream to say something about it.So we will keep it as a single sign to make us remind something.Sometimes,we need to get ready for the words we want to say,but if we say out,we will regret.Because we are not ready,for the sake of coach handbags.We are not only get the courage from it,but also we have our thoughts.

If you want to make people believe something,you say it.If you do not want people realise you are the master of what you saying,you just keep people fooling around.But just follow your heart.Like Coach bags,they always make you happy,not fooling you.We will make you feel like you are the one by our own efforts.

Yes,coach brands is always loved by young ladies,because of their colorful outlook and also because of their concept.Whoever knows what other brands may take to,but just choose one and be ready to it.Even sometimes we can not realise what we are doing,we just want to say something,do something,then just do it,just say it!

To see coach in fashion week

Since the former creative director Stuart Vevers come to Coach in 2013 in charge of the brand has been weakening its image to bring people the impression that the American middle class and instead show a more youthful, avant-garde and high-end features. Coach participated in the February 2014 fashion week, eager to show the full spring coats and accessories products, and the next, it will introduce more excellent works in the autumn. Although these works displayed help brands get the attention of the fashion industry, but actually to store merchandise is relatively small. With the creation of luxury products, Coach hope will be able to change the status.


According to reports, this fashion show venue will be located in Chelsea High Line, the entire process will be broadcast live simultaneously in Coach official website. The audience will buy in the next year to Vevers Coach 75 anniversary of the 2016 spring collection Bag design.


For Vevers, this is his design work in the third quarter, he said the design consistency is very important. “Because Coach clothing is very important topic, and we try to lead the application and presentation of the attitude of some materials.” Wool and leather are the main raw materials used. He re-enable the popular wool products series “Urban Hiker” , and in the fall of 2015, which lead to a new height, including ride, collar, pocket wool and leather coats, brown suede jacket even on smooth black leather motorcycle jackets are free to use with this material.


“I really like wool, because it is very simple for me, this is a very simple raw materials, at the same time I feel this is linked to the way Coach and luxury goods. “he said.

Coach series

First, AVERY Coach bags of series

Coach AVERY series of bags, which can be fully demonstrated in the style of American fashion classic design on each bag, simple, without any exaggeration factor. Each bag is equipped with a classic metal jewelry show its noble Coach brand. This series of Coach bags, especially for lady capable of success.

Second, Kristin Coach bags of series

This series of Coach bags, bold and innovative design style, all finished is another kind of design realm. Each bag, its design is full of charming beauty of a woman, a very different style of carving patterns, so many women sought. Perfect requirement at work in every detail, so that the Christian family’s Coach purse gives unlimited imagination.

Third, Madison Coach bags of series

This series of Coach bags, and fashion is to actually use two elements to maximize the classic simplicity of the exterior design, into the small part of the fashion elements, making Coach bags, whether at work or when various dinner parties are able to come in handy at all times be able to elevate your taste.

Three steps to clean out coach bag

Coach bag cleaning of the one: Cleaners

It is better to use special bag cleaners, also known as cleaning agents. If there is no special cleaner bag, then you can go to the counter to ask where the relevant purchase. If there is no special cleaner bag, then use detergent, but do not use too much of the kind of stimulus, not excessive. Some people also use toothpaste to clean, the effect is very clean.

Coach bag cleaning of the two: a soft toothbrush with a soft cloth

After cleaning the Coach reflect some consumers have played plush in canvas bag, this is the wrong cleaning tools, or too much force. Pay attention with a soft clean cloth or soft brush to gently brush, brush a few times to clean.

Coach bag cleaning three: Do not water

Some consumers in order to facilitate the easy way, directly to throw Coach bag in the washing machine, we can imagine, how much damage. If you want good maintenance in Coach bag, then, try to avoid using the washing machine. Also, when cleaning Coach bag, you do not need to have the whole bag in the water, just need a little bit of cleaning it. Note cortex part not wet, even stained immediately wipe clean.

more information about coach

I do not believe there purchasing suppliers sell spot. Also look at how many new stores have these, if a shop to sell to all that several, that directly go.

According to media reports: the largest US luxury handbag maker Coach Inc on October 26, 2010 announced its first quarter earnings. The report shows that Coach net profit in the first quarter increased 34% over last year, because the company increased shipments and a decline in the cost of outsourcing. Coach first quarter gross margin was 74.2%, up 1.9 percentage points over the same period last year. Report also said, Coach first quarter continued to expand in the Chinese market, has opened eight new stores, bringing the total number of stores in China has reached 49.

As of October 25 this year, Coach shares have risen 22%. Above this news, let me recall in August of this year, I saw and heard in the United States. I witnessed the consumers, especially Chinese tourists Outlets shopping spree Coach bag scene. Below is my shot for a weekend in a Coach Factory Outlet customers door scene.

Like new lifestyle coach

As every girl’s gift,coach is always the best choice for people.When I first time to purchase a coach in the mall.I talk to my boyfriend and make him have the order immediately.You guys can find the picture below to enjoy the goods:


We are not afraid of the price once we have a shot on the coach.Yes,we are the very person to have the bags. ahhaa…


For the last two years,I have a collection about coach bags, and many times i choose to have the order directly from the factory.It makes me feel good.For this,I may have the whole day happy.If only I could help,I love to make the choice to my friends,anyway,we are just care about the feelings.


Thanks coach and thanks life,I have the way to live a new way which should belongs to happy people.everyday I open my eyes and check my collection,then I find the funny things,the beautiful things will always the coach.