COACH bag just bought a week of PVC fabric dye to color!

Coach is a leading US luxury bags, because it had good quality and price of civilians and many consumers alike. Many people buy a Coach bag will go back after a period of time with a little dirty, but do not know how to clean, here I collected some relevant information, give us a reference.

Under normal circumstances, if the situation is not serious staining purses, you can try to do the cleaning with toothpaste. Select ordinary toothpaste, squeeze on the site stained with the usual brush gently scrub, purses will soon be able to get rid of the problem.

You can use a neutral foam cleaning agent (pure white foam kind). Wash bag in accordance with the usual method.

If there are purses how to clean stained problem, you can go directly to the store to buy dyed leather medicine, according to the requirements of the specification , then use a little shoe polish and the like, can help restore its original color purse.

Purses prevent staining, You should always pay attention, beyond the water, sunscreen, fire roasted, you can also take a formaldehyde (30% concentration) melts in 3 parts water, this aqueous brushing bags, dry then apply insect glue (a shellac, the alcohol 10 parts), so it is easy to reduce staining.