Coach history for female handbags

In the 1990s, professional women’s dress style has changed, the fashion style, leisure gradually replaced the traditional serious and formal suit, old-fashioned briefcase also began to change into the forefront of handbags. Also at this time, from the European mainstream brands, like LV, Gucci have entered the United States market, these luxury brand design fashion, bright colors, and continue to launch new models.

With the change of times and competition, the performance of COACH handbags started to remain stagnant. BusinessWeek has commented: “coach handbag durable, but hidebound, is an exiting popular brands.” Survival crisis prompted coach change, 1995 appointed chairman and CEO Lew Frankfort, make the determination to change.

In 1996, designer Rhett. J Rakoff joined the coach handbags, served as Executive Creative Director of product design,led coach completed a series of high-profile product innovation. In order to better to show consumers their own products, krakov also vigorously reformed coach stores design style and display rules. Before 2000, the coach stores looks like a library, krakov make the main colors changed white, with a bigger, brighter display space, through the window of the street can see coach handbags launched new products.

While at the same time, in order to meet every month new goods shelves, coach handbags all stores will according to the requirements of the headquarters,adjust product display, collocation and new style handbag coincides with the accessories, such as scarves, wallets, even store music also need to replace the timing.