Coach history–

COACH was first established in 1941, is jointly run by six leather master cobbler family, and is America’s oldest and most successful leather products companies. Since then, COACH unique craftsmanship and high-quality production is quite particular about the quality of customer favor.

It is said, founder of coach Miles Cahn was originally produced inspiration from a pair of conventional baseball glove. He found that the more you use the more smooth baseball glove, so he learn his techniques, and after careful processing, the durable baseball glove leather becomes soft and durable. This presents a charming natural leather lines, and does not require complicated maintenance skills, but also to maintain the original appearance.

Today, after half a century, COACH leather factory is still the responsibility of the exquisite art of leather master, most of them have more than 20 years experience in leather, leather craft full of love and professional, therefore, for every COACH master cobbler terms, COACH is not just a brand name, it is their painstaking efforts and heritage.