Coach Outlet

Different of COACH logo
1, factory shop logo are relatively simple, basically COACH letters, some printed and some handwritten

2. Collection (boutique) shop logo looks more, some also letters, some carriage. But the logo is not exactly the same carriage Oh, although coach (official website, store, bag) carriage logo are rope whip forward, but I did find kind in which the whip rope forward and backward.
The so-called factory outlet stores, in fact, sits Outlets, the domestic general transliterated as “Outlet”, in English, means “the way out, outlet, the outlet” means, in the retail business through the sale of brand-name college means season , off the shelf, broken code goods store – a large shopping center in the United States has a hundred years of history, is currently the nation’s nearly 300 large Outlets, usually far from urban areas, but accessibility to low discount sales genuine merchandise. Shopping Outlets, in recent years, many Chinese tourists to the United States became an important part of travel, or even the main purpose.
Although this collection of dozens of brands of outlets, such as Reebok, Nautica, Tommy, Calvin Klein, etc., but Chinese tourists generally toward the Coach Factory away.

These cost between one hundred to two hundred US dollars, ranging from bags, so that Chinese tourists shouted cheaper. Coach in China,the price range at more than two thousand to four or five thousand yuan. In this case, the price of US factory outlet stores probably only about one third of Chinese price! No wonder our fellow came here one shining eyes, pick up the goods.
No Chinese store sales staff, but they will say simple Chinese, holding calculator, introduced from the price, discounts to clearly and logically, there is no language barrier. The waiter said that everyone purchase 10 package, the iconic Coach Logo Logo and no individual 5. If limited to purchase, then, if every Chinese person to buy to take home dozens, it would not impact the domestic stores business?