How to buy coach bags?

1, Why COACH cheaper in the US ?
On one hand, COACH is an American brand, sold in the local certainly cheaper, as ANTA, Li Ning, etc. If after popular, local price is certainly a lot cheaper than abroad! And on the other hand, COACH positioned in the United States only in the low-end, high-end luxury positioning in China, why, if the price is not high, I think people buy less, Chinese people are so slightly, do not buy the style , but price. Of course, I must say that some COACH bag design is good. Some also say that we are purchasing cheaper but also because there is no tariff.

2, how to choose a buyer.
Do not go in if there is no global purchase. There are a lot of new stores, people can not tell from the shop what is genuine and what is fake. I would consider if it is combined with the costs, profits, style and other factors.

How to choose global share: in the search page, there is an option to foreign goods, check what you can . But don’t forget to line out the coach brand.