Logistics problems of coach outlet

Logistics problems. If you ask the buyer what time to deliver, they will answer two-three weeks. Many also choose direct mail, not domestic transit, this approach actually quite tricky, but the time will last very long, long time by direct mail. A couple of months now. Direct mail packages you only transport a bag, the price can be imagined.

Sellers of Philadelphia to sell coach outlet, because only gift ticket, so I do not know the price, but compared to the domestic price is much cheaper, hand bags including domestic segments and international freight shipping There seller profits only 1,000 yuan, while domestic large mall full leather bags are 1800 or so,. So, once again an insight into the benefits of the network, you can buy cheap stuff. Now, co-workers began to join the ranks of Taobao among colleagues sitting opposite me needed renovation can buy online are online resolved this way, the full enjoyment of the fun of Taobao and maximum benefits.