Some aspects to tell you how to distinguish coach bags–A

1. Consumption Tax

  As we all know, every US state of consumption tax, there will be differences, in general, the more big states, prosperous state, the higher the population density

of the state excise tax, so that the state is also the largest Chinese. The United States does have a tax-free state, but few of those Chinese state, which I

believe we all know the truth, (not the bustling place who are willing to go). Xiaoyuan relatives living in Los Angeles, California, the city that everyone is

familiar, very busy, you can buy almost any big names in the world, (excluding China cottage brand). So here is about 0.9 higher consumption tax. So when choose on

behalf of the seller may ask state-owned, to understand local state excise tax. This is very helpful for you to judge the authenticity of the bag.

2.COACH counter bags

   COACH bag on the counter to sell is now COACH counter official website synchronization. While the United States COACH counter the official website, you can also

see in the country, above all bag counter price. After you understand the consumption tax, we can calculate their own bags at actual sales prices. COACH counter

bags sometimes have discounts, usually in some large festivals, when the United States and the lowest discount we’ve learned is about 75-85 fold. Then a low

discount we really have not seen or heard of. So this time is critical, you can now basically counted the lowest possible purchase price in the United States, you

are not necessarily very accurate count, but has been pretty close. This time you when you select seller, you can exclude some even lower than your calculati.

   This move is the price move, then the style trick, if you saw the bags which couldn’t been found in the United States COACH official website, it means this bag

has out of the shelf in the United States COACH counters. There may be two cases, one this bag has been out of stock, COACH official has no new goods, and second,

this bag has been the quarter, down into the COACH factory store discount sales. This is critical when you see this bag in the Seller’s Store, and nearly a month of

high sales, then I think you can now consider him ruled out. If you see him high praise rate, it is to buy, then I can only tell you if you are not so concerned

about the authenticity of the bag, you can buy a high imitation, after all, genuine imitation bags and bags discrimination has become increasingly difficult. (I

have a friend in Beijing spent around RMB 1W high imitation of a Hermes bag, saying she did not tell the truth, I did not know she was high imitation of that

section, because she wanted that edition is the world’s limited, can not buy, only a high imitation, really good work, it is difficult to distinguish).