Three steps to clean out coach bag

Coach bag cleaning of the one: Cleaners

It is better to use special bag cleaners, also known as cleaning agents. If there is no special cleaner bag, then you can go to the counter to ask where the relevant purchase. If there is no special cleaner bag, then use detergent, but do not use too much of the kind of stimulus, not excessive. Some people also use toothpaste to clean, the effect is very clean.

Coach bag cleaning of the two: a soft toothbrush with a soft cloth

After cleaning the Coach reflect some consumers have played plush in canvas bag, this is the wrong cleaning tools, or too much force. Pay attention with a soft clean cloth or soft brush to gently brush, brush a few times to clean.

Coach bag cleaning three: Do not water

Some consumers in order to facilitate the easy way, directly to throw Coach bag in the washing machine, we can imagine, how much damage. If you want good maintenance in Coach bag, then, try to avoid using the washing machine. Also, when cleaning Coach bag, you do not need to have the whole bag in the water, just need a little bit of cleaning it. Note cortex part not wet, even stained immediately wipe clean.