Logistics problems of coach outlet

Logistics problems. If you ask the buyer what time to deliver, they will answer two-three weeks. Many also choose direct mail, not domestic transit, this approach actually quite tricky, but the time will last very long, long time by direct mail. A couple of months now. Direct mail packages you only transport a bag, the price can be imagined.

Sellers of Philadelphia to sell coach outlet, because only gift ticket, so I do not know the price, but compared to the domestic price is much cheaper, hand bags including domestic segments and international freight shipping There seller profits only 1,000 yuan, while domestic large mall full leather bags are 1800 or so,. So, once again an insight into the benefits of the network, you can buy cheap stuff. Now, co-workers began to join the ranks of Taobao among colleagues sitting opposite me needed renovation can buy online are online resolved this way, the full enjoyment of the fun of Taobao and maximum benefits.

more information about coach

I do not believe there purchasing suppliers sell spot. Also look at how many new stores have these, if a shop to sell to all that several, that directly go.

According to media reports: the largest US luxury handbag maker Coach Inc on October 26, 2010 announced its first quarter earnings. The report shows that Coach net profit in the first quarter increased 34% over last year, because the company increased shipments and a decline in the cost of outsourcing. Coach first quarter gross margin was 74.2%, up 1.9 percentage points over the same period last year. Report also said, Coach first quarter continued to expand in the Chinese market, has opened eight new stores, bringing the total number of stores in China has reached 49.

As of October 25 this year, Coach shares have risen 22%. Above this news, let me recall in August of this year, I saw and heard in the United States. I witnessed the consumers, especially Chinese tourists Outlets shopping spree Coach bag scene. Below is my shot for a weekend in a Coach Factory Outlet customers door scene.

Coach global purchased on security yet?

Want to know more about coach global buying?

Though I didn’t make the study, I feel there is a 50% global purchasing not in authentic. Agency buying has saved you a lot of money, do not stingy. Spend a little more money, I think it is worth it.

Of course, you can come to my coach online shop. Here not advertise. 50% of which there are many mixed up with genuine and fake. In the factory shop where fake majority. These stores are not easy to say. I do not know there is no other stores selling counterfeit, but I was in good conscience not to do that.

About 20 percent could be trusted. (Personal guess,  no scientific basis.) No way, these days everyone wants to earn more money, and sell fake look so good, who does not want it!

How to buy coach bags?

1, Why COACH cheaper in the US ?
On one hand, COACH is an American brand, sold in the local certainly cheaper, as ANTA, Li Ning, etc. If after popular, local price is certainly a lot cheaper than abroad! And on the other hand, COACH positioned in the United States only in the low-end, high-end luxury positioning in China, why, if the price is not high, I think people buy less, Chinese people are so slightly, do not buy the style , but price. Of course, I must say that some COACH bag design is good. Some also say that we are purchasing cheaper but also because there is no tariff.

2, how to choose a buyer.
Do not go in if there is no global purchase. There are a lot of new stores, people can not tell from the shop what is genuine and what is fake. I would consider if it is combined with the costs, profits, style and other factors.

How to choose global share: in the search page, there is an option to foreign goods, check what you can . But don’t forget to line out the coach brand.

coach for all night long

I remember the first night for coach shift,there were so many people in the factory.And I was called to be in charge of the shift,then I found something interesting happened:QQ截图20150716131545

The one that more cute than the past coach handbags,which lead me not to go asleep that night.


But I say the main reason may not only the coach handbag,but also I have a three hours rest in the day time. I make a conclusion not to have that long time rest in the day and it works.


So in the next time,when I mixed in a temporary task,I would not do that way. Coach means everything to me,I can make joke on it,I also could make happy on it,Icould make sad on it too……Guys would have different ideas,but he will have one in the end.

Like new lifestyle coach

As every girl’s gift,coach is always the best choice for people.When I first time to purchase a coach in the mall.I talk to my boyfriend and make him have the order immediately.You guys can find the picture below to enjoy the goods:


We are not afraid of the price once we have a shot on the coach.Yes,we are the very person to have the bags. ahhaa…


For the last two years,I have a collection about coach bags, and many times i choose to have the order directly from the factory.It makes me feel good.For this,I may have the whole day happy.If only I could help,I love to make the choice to my friends,anyway,we are just care about the feelings.


Thanks coach and thanks life,I have the way to live a new way which should belongs to happy people.everyday I open my eyes and check my collection,then I find the funny things,the beautiful things will always the coach.