What kind of store for COACH FACTORY STORES?

COACH sales channels in the United States is different from China, China currently only counter, the United States there is a counter and factory stores two channels. COACH FACTORY STORES literal translation is COACH Factory (direct marketing) shop, is different from the counter stores

(boutiques), the store’s goods divided into two categories:
A class of models is designed for factory shop and design funds, which account for a large part. And these products with a Num F. Usually no URL for factory store, but recently there has been limited time available website, only for invited guests COACH online shopping.

The orders received at the plant site may be a bit small flaws,but there are big problems can be returned. So after receiving the package we will open and send you a check.
The other is counter COACH shop / official website of the goods style, these models are usually three months to convert the new (hot color color models excluded), or with a different color, three months or so there will be more goods Go COACH FACTORY STORES for special, (but a lot of the time, the domestic counter is hot it ~) These accounted for a small portion, sometimes not. No F in front of those counters paragraph number, but sometimes it plus F on small ticket issued to the factory after the discount shop. So some different numbers, but it is the same model.