why coach made in China

As a former Coach toil paid off people, I can answer this question. First, do not show any strange origin of China, Vietnam and so different. Coach before this year most of the plants are located in Guangdong, Fujian, and Zhejiang and other places. Dongguan, which has its two largest Canadian producers. From the recent start, because the mainland wages rising, Coach slowly transferred to Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. But don’t think that quality produced in China poor than produced in other Southeast Asian countries.

Coach Manufacturing in China has been very mature, Coach for craftsmanship, quality requirements in the luxury goods industry is relatively high. And its raw material is divided into three parts, leather, cloth, metal. Metal is what you see in the metal parts. Leather, mostly from Korea and Italy, a small part from Qingdao, China. Cloth, process more complex high quality from Korea, and the rest mostly from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. The basic metal are produced in Guangdong, in part by the South Korean production. Tell origin is not based primarily on the best way is to go to the store to identify the identification.

Coach can be devided into sub main and secondary lines, generally discounted products for the Vice-line, that is, we often see the bad street. Vice-line follows the main lines of the old multi-design or design changes with the material, with a relatively low cost to build large sales. Coach is now the largest consumer groups is China, the luxury goods industry can be considered cost-effective. Really want to chase fashion without subtlety are advised to see the official website of popular models, where Coach really good goods. Finally advise not to blindly follow the trend of luxury goods, the election of a classic, you can use a long time.